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Imagine, we are invited for 40 years circle of travel

While revising their understanding of music in different languages the participants of Music Parallels Toastmasters meeting started placing under a doubt the use of singing at sports events as peacemaking tool and sports competitions themselves as a way to pacify opposing parties.

The old Greek idea of arranging Olympic games to stop wars, re-established later by Pierre de Coubertin, happened to fall under revision.

Luckily, among the audience there were some followers of Hellenistic principle of having body culture as a part of education and life style.

Yuriy Stetsenko, a lawyer, demonstrated his jiu jitsu kimono and narrated about his experience of using his jiu jitsu training to escape from sometimes tense everyday reality and “clean the brain” (don’t be afraid, Yuriy meant his brain, and cleaning it of frustrations encountered in court rooms, not other person’s brain full of bright thoughts and good intentions J ).

Yuriy’s energizing  music phrase “We are the champions, my friend!”, though, was softened by Olga Sipakova singing several lines from Halleluiah by  Leonard Coen, a song performed at Winter Olimpics 2010.

 Still, there wasn’t ardent argument about the idea that both music and sports in every culture  are good ways to recreate human’s physical and emotional powers.

These physical and emotional powers we need as we go through the circles of life, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Imaging now, that here. in this country we are invited for 40 years circle of travel to withstand all the challenges on the way, being able to get rid of some old burdens and gain new energy and values.

PS – type “Pierre de Coubertin” in search machine and find a citation:

«Il y a dans les moeurs, comme dans l’histoire, des conquêtes imprévues.  »

У моральності, так же як і в історії іноді відбуваються несподівані завоювання.

pierre coubertin

Cheer up then, contact Yuriy Stetsenko and get the tickets for Toastmasters Sports Camp on 26 July


Which songs are worth to be presented in pairs of songs with parallel meaning in different languages

Which these songs in different languages and other at your choice are worth to be presented in  pairs of songs with parallel meaning in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian languages at Music Parallel meeting of Kiev Toastcrackers Club 23d July 2014.






23th July – Music Parallels in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian cultures

23th July 6:30pm The Music Parallels in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian cultures. Speaking and illustrating by recorded and live music.

Everything goes in circles tonight – roles  of speakers, presenters, musicians, vocalists to be taken and performed in turns freely for 2 to 5 minutes by those signed up or by having arranged with Timer on the spot

Be prepared to contribute.

Place and time of meeting: Shota Rustaveli, 16, 6:30pm (call 0665004149 to be picked up at the entrance)







16th July 6:30pm Toastcrackers present Travel Stories and Virtual Tours. Bring your travel story to Toastmasters club!

16th July  6:30pm  Toastcrackers present Travel Stories and Virtual Tours.

Bring your travel story to Toastmasters club. Add more color to your life!

Chaired by Sergey Grebenyuk

16 Shota Rustavelli, 3d floor (to be picked up at the entrance, please, call 0665004149)



23th July  6:30pm  The Parallels in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian music. Speaking and illustrating by recorded and live music.
Be prepared to contribute.


English, Professional Degree Abroad

Invitations are sent by request –


The costs include housing and meal.

The full costs for Ukrainian clients  include also the following (per person):


1. Visa Cost plus insurance plus other docs, Approx. 100-130 Euro


2. Flight cost to Amsterdam  - appr. 250-300 E by Lufthansa


3. Organization fees 100-120 E (dependoing on the group size) for meeting at the airport and accompanying to the school and back


4. Transportation fees in Holland (about 40-60 E) actual fees for train and taxi to and from School to the airport


5. Possible postal costs (sending docs by TNT) 10-50 E depending on the quantity of applicants


6. Assistance in writing the application essay in Eng. –  30-50 E depending on the course requirements).


7. Other costs in case the participants want to visit museums, castles, historical places, etc. This is organized by the school and the participants pay separately for this.




To prepare speaking on “Travelling” on 16 July why not to listen to and evaluate a speech?

On 16th of July Toastcrackers will share their stories on “Travelling”. Here’s a speech of a fellow Toastmaster from somewhere. There’s something to learn and something to evaluate to better prepare for the meeting -

ToastCrackers Club

is a place, where you can practice your English, improve your public speaking and leadership skills, meet interesting people and find new friends!
You are welcome to our meetings! :)

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